How to Apply

Application Information for NEW Students
Re-Application Information for CURRENTLY ENROLLED Students (currently unavalible)

Applications are taken throughout the year at the VanHoose Annex - Early Childhood Intake Center, 4322 Bishop Lane, off Newburg Road. Click the "Application Information for NEW Students" link above for a calendar of dates and times that applications are taken. Please note that if school is cancelled for JCPS, applications will NOT be taken.

Please bring the following documents with you for registration:

JCPS Early Childhood Programs
All programs are focused on the school readiness of young children

  • Early Head Start serves children ages 6 weeks to 36 months, including children with disabilities.
  • Head Start serves children ages 3 and 4, with priority placement for 4-year-old children.
  • State-Funded Preschool serves 3-year-olds with disabilities and income- eligible 4-year-olds.
  • Tuition-Based Preschool serves children ages 3 and 4 who do not meet income-eligibility guidelines for the programs above.

Application Process

  • At the time of application, all income, proof of residence, and proof of the child’s age are required.
  • Partial applications are not taken.
  • Program staff verify all required documentation.
  • Family income is required for all income-based programs. (Income Guidelines)
  • You may be asked to provide additional documentation to meet federal requirements.
  • Applications are taken throughout the year.
  • The application process may take as long as one hour in addition to a wait time that depends on the number of applicants applying.
  • Priority is given to early applications and 4-year-olds.
  • Children do not have to be present for the application process.

Program Placement

  • Early Childhood is not a mandatory program and has limited space for children.
  • JCPS Early Childhood only serves children who reside in Jefferson County, Kentucky, with a legal custodial parent/guardian.
  • All of the programs are income-based, except for Tuition-Based Preschool and preschool for children with disabilities.
  • Children are placed in programs according to income, available space, and the program’s ability to transport the child.
  • Placement is not guaranteed for every applicant
  • Early Childhood is not located in every school; therefore, the program selects placement.
  • Applications are taken year-round, and children are placed throughout the year as space becomes available.

Please bring the following documents when you apply:

  • Proof of Residence—Required proof must be any of the following items that shows parent/guardian address and name: gas/electric bill (within past three months), water bill (within past three months), lease, house contract, paycheck or paycheck stub, or Social Security or other government check. The following are not accepted as proof of residence: driver’s license, photo ID, personal check, or K-TAP documents.
  • Child’s Proof of Birth—Birth certificate, I-94, or travel passport required. The parent/guardian making application must be listed on the birth certificate or have official custodial paperwork if not listed on document showing proof of birth.
  • Verification of Family Income—Documentation of past 12 months of all family income. This includes, but is not limited to, 12 months of paycheck stubs, an unemployment benefits statement, child support for all children, kinship, SSI, and/or the previous year’s tax return. If you apply on or before June 30, your 1040 and W2 documents can be used for income verification. After June 30, the 1040 and W2 documents are still required; however, you will still need to provide 12 months of proof of income as noted above. Food stamp and SNAP letters are not accept- able proof of income.
  • Custodial Papers (if applicable)
  • Proof of Parent’s Current Employment or Enrollment in an Educational/ Training Program (Required for EHS only—programs for ages 6 weeks to 36 months)

Documents Required for Participation in the Program

  • Official State Birth Certificate
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Immunization Certificate
  • Physical Examination
  • Dental Examination

Health requirements for students entering a Jefferson County Public School Early Childhood program include an up-to-date immunization certificate and a current physical examination form.  An eye exam is also required for students entering JCPS for the first time.

Additional health requirements for Head Start / Early Head Start students include:

  • Hematocrit/hemoglobin blood test
  • Dental examination.

To learn more about Jefferson County Public Schools Early Childhood Programs, please call (502) 485-3919.



Date Modified 12/3/14