Health Services

The JCPS Health Services staff is responsible for various staff and student health requirements. The responsibilities include: conducting screenings, monitoring compliance for immunizations, physicals, and eye exams, conducting staff trainings for various health conditions, scheduling necessary nursing services for students, assisting with the IEP/ARC process for students with health/medical needs, collaborating with local universities, agencies and organizations to help provide health education and other services to schools.

The district’s Health Services Nurse Practitioners collaborate with district staff to develop 504 plans and Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) for students. They conduct all district health services trainings, provide physicals and immunization clinics for JCPS students and conduct scoliosis screenings. The Health Technicians (Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses) conduct the vision and hearing screenings throughout the school year for students. The Registered Nurse assigned to Binet provides services daily for students. The remaining support staff provides assistance to schools regarding health related questions, enters student data and provides follow-up letters to parent/guardians about their child’s health screening results. They also maintain the data base for students with specific health conditions identified through their Primary Care Provider (PCP) Authorization form. This form is on file and includes an emergency plan of action for the schools. Some students require a licensed nurse to provide a health service during the school day and some students require a one on one nurse due to their special health related circumstances. Health Services negotiates with various nursing agencies to provide these specialized services to students during the school day.


School Health Guidelines

Communicable Disease Reference Guidelines for Schools

To contact Health Services directly please call 485-3387.


Date Modified 6/6/14