Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS)

Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS) pays a monthly benefit when you retire based on the type of retirement and the years of credited service. 

Participants do not pay into the Social Security System; those hired after April 1986 will participate in the Medicare program.

Effective 7/1/2002, any person working in a position that requires a certificate or a minimum of a 4-year degree will participate in KTRS.

Eligibility: Beginning the first day of employment, participation is automatic for all certified positions or for classified positions requiring a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Cost: Participating employees contribute on a pre-tax basis 10.855% of gross eligible earnings. (Rates set to increase 7/2013 = 11.335%, 7/2014 = 12.105%, 7/2015 = 12.855%). The Commonwealth of Kentucky contributes 13.105 percent of eligible earnings.

The Medicare contribution rate, if applicable, is 1.45 percent of wages after eligible tax exempt deductions. Medicare contributions are matched by the Board.

For a regular enrollment application, contact your benefits counselor
For an enrollment application for retirees who are returning to work as substitutes or in part-time positions, click here.
For an enrollment application for retirees who are returning to work in full-time positions, contact your benefits counselor.
For a JCPS Intent To Retire Form, click here.

For specific questions regarding your account, contact:
Kentucky Teachers Retirement System
479 Versailles Rd.
Frankfort, KY 40601-3800


Date Modified 3/18/13