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How to become a JCPS teacher

Step #1:

Complete the Application
Click here to complete the online application Complete all portions of the application and upload resumes and transcripts when available.

Step #2:

Meet minimum requirements for candidate consideration:

The Human Resource Department must receive the following MINIMUM documentation for the teacher candidate to proceed through the application process:

College transcripts (unofficial transcripts are allowed until recommended for employment. Upon recommendation, all transcripts must be official. Unofficial transcripts can be scanned and uploaded during the application process)

A photocopy of teaching certificates (Upon recommendation for employment, an original Kentucky teaching certificate or Statement of Eligibility is required. Applicants may scan their certificate and upload it during the application process)

Four (4) references must be on file which attest to the candidate’s ability to perform successfully in the Jefferson County Public Schools.

Step #3:

The Teacher Disposition Survey

Within 24 hours of submitting the JCPS online application, teacher candidates will receive an email message from JCPS Human Resources. The email message will instruct the candidate to complete a web-based Teacher Disposition Survey. This survey will take up to 45 minutes. Candidates are allowed to access the survey only once, and must allow enough time to finish the survey in one sitting. The Teacher Disposition Survey is only one criteria used by JCPS when considering candidates.

Step #4:

All essential documents need to be received by the Human Resource department or attached to the candidate’s file. Once the Teacher Disposition Survey is complete, Human Resource Specialists review candidate files in great detail. The minimum criteria are based on:

  • The completed application
  • The Teacher Disposition Survey
  • References (4 professional and 2 personal)
  • Transcript review (GPA and specific courses reviewed)
  • Years of teaching experience
  • PRAXIS scores
  • Previous teacher evaluations
  • Student teacher observations

We look for teacher candidates whose philosophy matches the district’s mission:

District Vision

All JCPS students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and contribute to our society throughout life.

District Mission

To provide relevant, comprehensive, quality instruction in order to educate, prepare, and inspire our students to learn

Core Values

  • Our students are cared for and treated as if they are our own
  • Children learn differently
  • What happens in the classroom matters the most
  • The differences of each are assets of the whole
  • High-quality teaching is the most powerful tool for helping students reach high standards
  • Leadership and innovation are essential to prepare students for their future
  • Talents are resources are used wisely to benefit students
  • Partnerships among schools, families, and community are important for the health and well-being of our students.
  • Adults model integrity, respect, creativity, and accountability.

Click here to learn how to prepare for the next year’s application cycle

Step #5:

The Human Resources Staffing Specialists review this pool frequently and carefully. They select candidates to send to the school level to interview with the School-Based Interview Committee. The Specialists deliberately match the teacher candidate to the school and leadership that would be the best fit for both teacher and school. With vacancies occurring year-round, this step continues throughout the school year. It is understandable that teacher candidates are anxious to be placed in schools. Sometimes candidates are contacted immediately for a school-based interview, and sometimes candidates wait for weeks to be contacted. This phase is entirely dependent on the vacancies, certification requirements, and school/cultural match. It is impossible to predict the vacancies from year to year. The Staffing Specialists make every effort to facilitate the placement of teacher candidates so that teachers are assigned as quickly as possible.

NOTE: ****Being accepted into the active teacher candidate pool does not guarantee the applicant a teaching position. All candidates must be recommended for hire by the School-based Interview Committee****

Teacher Disposition Survey

This survey takes approximately 30-45 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. Results are based on how well the candidate’s philosophy on teaching and learning matches that of the Jefferson County Public School District. Included in the survey are the following performance skills approved by the school board of Jefferson County Public Schools:

Communication – verbal – Organizes verbal communications to follow a logical sequence of thought; conveys information and ideas effectively whether one-on-one or in a group setting, adjusts message and delivery style based on the knowledge, experience and expectations of the audience. Uses correct grammar as well as appropriate pace, tone, volume and terminology.

Composure – Stays cool under stress and pressure; remains positive and professional in adverse conditions; maintains an objective, problem-solving approach when facing unexpected difficulties, challenging expectations or extreme time pressures; can be counted on to exhibit a calming influence on others in stressful times; maintains high levels of performance during difficult times.

Creativity – Generates new and unique ideas; is viewed as original and value-added in brainstorming and other types of creative sessions; is clever and imaginative when confronted with obstacles; encourages creativity in others; willingly champions new ideas and motivates others to act.

Decision Making and Problem Solving – Spots issues, problems or opportunities and recognizes when action is needed; actively gathers information to ensure complete understanding of issues, problems and opportunities; evaluates choices by considering implications and consequences and selects the best option; avoids over or under analysis; consistently follows through on decisions, even unpopular or difficult ones.

Energizes Others – Exhibits a “can do” approach, demonstrating enthusiasm in words and actions; verbalizes beliefs that others can achieve goals and inspires others to excel; praises individual and team accomplishments; builds team spirit; shows passion for organizational goals and direction.

Initiative – Takes appropriate action without being told; takes immediate action when faced with a problem; implements new ideas and addresses problems without prompting; takes action that goes above and beyond job requirements in order to achieve objectives; anticipates potential problems or opportunities and makes contingency plans.

Integrity – Accepts responsibility for own actions and events, even when mistakes have been made; avoids taking credit for others work and shares credit with others when deserved; demonstrates concern for how personal values and beliefs are shown through on the job behavior; does not compromise principles, even if detrimental to own goals; practices what he/she preaches with actions matching words.

Passion for Learning – Quickly learns what to do when faced with unfamiliar, first time or changing situations; willingly steps outside comfort zone; is an active learner; learns from past successes and mistakes and adjusts behavior accordingly; embraces and even initiates change.

Motivating Others – Uses words and actions to help others see and move toward expected results; sets and communicates high expectations of others and expresses confidence in others’ ability to achieve expected results; fosters work climate where people want to do their best, makes each individual feel his/her work is important; asks for and uses input from others where possible to build commitment to decisions and actions.

Planning and Prioritizing – Creates and uses written plans with specific goals and target dates to complete tasks or projects in a timely way while maintaining instructional quality; identifies most and least important assignments and adjusts priorities when needed; anticipates obstacles and plans for contingencies in getting work completed; makes effective choices when faced with competing priorities; keeps non-critical issues and distractions from interfering with work completion.

Team Work – Works effectively and cooperatively with others, promoting a cooperative working environment, defines team beyond immediate circle of co-workers, working closely with other departments as necessary; shares information appropriately with others; involves team members to obtain differing perspectives, ideas, opinions, expertise, and support; notices when others need help and offers assistance without being asked.

Work Standards – Sets high standards for own work and invests required time and effort to meet these standards; considers meeting or exceeding standards priority in all aspects of the job; considers every aspect of a task or job, even the most “small” when completing it, double checks work to ensure lack of errors, meets work standards even when experiencing time pressures or stress.

Essential Documents

  • Photocopy of teaching certificate. Upon recommendation for hire, an original copy of the Kentucky Teaching Certificate is required. The Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB) issues two originals – one for the teacher, and one for the school district.
  • Transcripts of all universities attended.
  • 6 references (four professional and two personal).
  • Previous teacher evaluations.
  • Student teacher observations.

Preparing for next year’s application cycle:

If the applicant was unsuccessful the first year, preparations can be made for the next year! The candidate may apply to JCPS to be a substitute teacher! This gives the candidate a chance to get into JCPS schools and prove to administrators and others that the candidate is a great teacher! Remember that the school-based interview committee makes the recommendation for hire. Substitute teaching at a number of JCPS schools throughout the year will help the teacher candidate develop relationships with principals and others at the school level. Those principals and teachers will be familiar with the candidate’s work performance and can write recommendations and references. Qualified candidates who are successful as a substitute teacher will likely be remembered when vacancies occur.

Also, candidates are encouraged to keep their file up-to-date! Any new transcripts or contact information changes need to be attached to your electronic application.

School-Based Interview Committee

Each school has a School-Based Interview Committee. The members of that committee vary from school to school. The most common members are the school principal, teacher(s) and parents. Each school-based interview committee prepares its own interview questions based on the school’s needs, its school improvement goals, and the culture/climate of the school.

Last modified April 22, 2013