Accelerated Reading
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Students and Parents:
We have purchased Accelerated Reading to take the place of bookadventure. Students read books from the library or home and log on to the website to take a test on the book. If enough questions are answered correctly students will earn points. Points earn students an invitation to an accelerated Reading party and prizes. The more points the bigger the prizes. Points continually accumulate each year allowing students to always get bigger prizes. Points needed are increase with each grade level.

The list of available tests is quite long. I have a list available of all books with tests in the library. The list may also be accessed from the web site.

Students have an individual login that they have been assigned. The only points that will be counted for the Crums Lane program are the ones where students login with their school login. If students have a home login - they can retake the tests on their Crums Lane login.

If you have questions, please feel free to email or call me!

Ms. Whitman

Book Adventure Prizes

Points Needed Prize
5 Keychain
7.5 Pencil
10 Pencil Sharpener
20 Dog Tag Necklace
30 Frisbee
40 Water Bottle
50 Calculator
60 Radio/Flashlight
70 T-shirt
80 Hat
100 White Board for Locker
200 Lunch Bag
300 Book Bag

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