Comprehensive School Survey

Survey Results

The Comprehensive School Survey (CSS) is an annual survey that has the objective of collecting school/workplace climate data from multiple stakeholders associated with our school system: students (grades four through twelve), parents, school-based certified staff, school-based classified staff, and non-school-based certified and classified staff. JCPS appreciates and values the feedback of its employees, students, and parents and will utilize the survey to take action that will provide meaningful improvement across the district.

The CSS is conducted every year by JCPS Data Management. The CSS is a needs assessment survey that measures whether the district is creating the school climate conditions and culture that support excellence in every school. It provides feedback to the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE), central office administrators, directors, principals, teachers, and community partners. The uses of the results are related to improving school climate, district/school planning, evaluation, grants, and community partnerships.

The interactive website facilitates the use of the CSS results. It allows the data to be disaggregated by school and demographic factors. It also provides trend data for the same school and a comparison with like-schools and the district average. The website has the capability of showing numbers as well as percentages. The CSS is used in comprehensive district and school improvement planning (i.e., CDIP, CSIP), program evaluation, grants, and community partnerships. Multiple stakeholders can use this survey in different ways to inform decisions for improving services to students and families.

View the CSS results.