Community Schools

The Community Schools Program has been operating in the JCPS District since 1997, but the concept is ages old. A Community School is a public school building that is open after the regular school day and offers programming for the entire family. Today, we have eight district schools that have made the commitment to their communities to keep their doors open as an invitation to community members. All eight schools offer a variety of educational and recreational activities for all ages, Monday through Friday year-round. During the school year, all sites are open from the end of the school day until 9 p.m. During the summer months, each site offers a special programming during daytime hours for families, and some even offer full-day camp opportunities. Each Community School’s programming schedule reflects the unique wants and needs of the community surrounding it. The goal of the program is to provide programs that are in direct response to requests of community members.

Community Schools are designed to provide intergenerational, educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities for empowering students and families to maximize their potential. As well as working with community residents, each program focuses on working with community agencies and organizations to enhance the programming provided. Every Community School Program site is unique, much like the communities they serve. Thanks to the many partnerships with such organizations as Louisville Metro Parks, Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, JCPS Adult and Continuing Education, Maryhurst, and Walden Theater, every Community School can meet the needs of its particular community. A variety of recreational and educational programs, such as aerobics, family reading nights, cheerleading, arts and crafts for children and adults, Boy and Girl Scouts, Adult Basic Education classes, and adult leisure classes are available at each site. Most activities are free, though a few charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of supplies.

Since each program strives to meet the needs of the community it serves, each school has an advisory board to help guide planning. Each board consists of school staff, citizens who live and/or work in the area, and students. New board members are always welcome! Citizens of all ages are invited to check out the offerings at the Community School near them.

Program Sites

Every Community School site has a coordinator who makes connections with the community, organizes programs, and maintains the calendar of events for his or her site. We encourage you to contact the Community School of your choice to find out how you and your family can participate in the many community school programs.

Cane Run Elementary
3951 Cane Run Road
Louisville, KY 40211
(502) 313-5031
Coordinator—Carolyn Merriweather

Fairdale High School
1001 Fairdale Road
Louisville, KY 40118
(502) 313-4231
Coordinator—Kathy Blevins

Farnsley Middle School
3400 Lees Lane
Louisville, KY 40216
(502) 313-4831
Coordinator—Jeffery Allgood

Frost Sixth-Grade Academy/Stuart Middle Academy
4601 Valley Station Road
Louisville, KY 40272
(502) 313-4631
Coordinator—Linda Harris

Iroquois High School
4617 Taylor Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40215
(502) 313-4031
Coordinator—Ameerah Granger

Meyzeek Middle School
838 Jackson Street
Louisville, KY 40203
(502) 313-5631
Coordinator—Artrice Temple

Western Middle School
2201 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40212
(502) 313-5231
Coordinator—Michael George

Volunteer Opportunities

Every Community School welcomes the community to become involved in its program. Contact the Community School of your choice to discover your many opportunities for involvement. Listed below are just a few of the many ways that you can become involved in a Community School program:

  • Become a tutor, such as an Every 1 Reads tutor.
  • Share your talents.
  • Invite the Community School coordinator to come speak to your group or organization.