Title I Mission & District Policy

Title I Parent Involvement Handbook
Title I Parent Advisory Council Mission

The Parent Advisory Council's mission is to involve families, schools, and the community in the educational success of all children through unified active participation, clear understanding, communication, and adequate training.

Title I Parent Involvement District Policy

The JCPS District recognizes that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher and the parent’s continued involvement is essential for the success/achievement of the child. Therefore, JCPS is committed to building a strong school-parent partnership.

To support the school-parent partnership, the following policy is in compliance with federal law and the JCPS philosophy that successful schooling is a shared responsibility requiring commitment and collaboration among parents, community, and the school. This policy was designed with meaningful consultation from parents of participating Title I students and will be made available to parents of all Title I students and the local community.

  1. The JCPS District’s Title I Program will provide coordination, technical assistance, and support necessary to assist schools in planning, developing, and implementing effective parent involvement programs and activities. These measures will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    Allocate 95 percent of the required 1 percent of the total Title I allocation to eligible Title I schools for the purpose of implementing quality, effective, and engaging parent involvement activities. Parent involvement activities are those that improve student academic achievement and school performance.
  2. Assist schools with the development of Parental Involvement Policies and School-Parent Compacts
  3. Assist schools with the annual evaluation, review, and improvement of its parent involvement activities
  4. Assist schools with the selection of a parent representative to serve on the district’s Title I Parent Advisory Council
  5. Encourage Title I schools to collaborate closely with Family Resource and Youth Services Centers (FRYSCs) in the implementation and monitoring of parent involvement activities and plans
  6. Encourage collaboration with Even Start, Early Childhood, Jump Start, Head Start, Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), and the National Center for Family Literacy to ensure implementation of quality parent involvement programs and activities
  7. Assist schools with materials and training to help parent work with their children to include using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement
  8. Collaborate with the Title III department to ensure Title I schools meet the following requirements from the parent involvement provisions under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Title III:
    1. The local plan shall include a description of “how the eligible entity will promote parental and community participation in programs for LEP students.” (Title III, Part A – Section 3114 (b)(4)
    2. LEA shall implement an effective outreach to parents of LET students regarding how the parents can be involved in the education of their children and be participants in assisting their children to attain English proficiency. (Title III, Part C, Section 3302 (e) and Title I Section 1112 (g)(4)
  9. Review and keep in file in the Title I Office local school parent involvement policies

Parent Involvement Handbook