Aquatic Resources Fishing Program



  • To help students improve academics, attitudes, and attendance
  • To teach students the art of fishing and preservation of the environment

Training Required

Adults receive four hours of training to instruct students and/or assist with other activities relating to the program. Trained adults and students then participate in three 40-minute class sessions, after which they go on a fishing expedition to apply the skills learned.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteer tasks include training young people in the art of fishing, preparing fishing tackle, assisting in fishing expeditions, assisting in recruiting volunteers, and being a role model for the young and old.


If you would like more information about the Aquatic Resources Fishing Progrom (ARFP) and/or the Volunteer Talent Center (VTC)  activities, contact:

Dr. Allene Gold
Volunteer Talent Center
(502) 485-3710
VanHoose Education Center