Microsoft Office for JCPS Students

Microsoft Office is free for JCPS students to use on any Internet-connected device and to download.

All JCPS students have access to a JCPS Office 365 for Business account.

Office 365 logo

This free account includes the following (among other things):

  • Webmail
  • Cloud storage (one Terabyte of free storage on OneDrive)
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Sway, and Excel Survey Web Apps
  • Collaboration tools and file-sharing capabilities
  • Students can create their own websites and blogs.
  • Students can access their files from anywhere and from almost any device.
  • Students can download free copies of the newest version of Microsoft Office for their home computer.

Students can access their JCPS Office 365 for Business account from the JCPS homepage (Click on Students >  Logins > Webmail). The student will then enter his or her full JCPS email address and password.


The student can go directly to the OneDrive for Business login page and enter his or her full JCPS email address and password.

Graduating Seniors:  View this video to learn how to backup your JCPS OneDrive before graduation.

Get a free copy of Office 365 here for your home computer, and log in to JCPS Office 365 for Business.

Next, click on the Notifications link in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and follow the online prompts.