Environmental Science (Naturalist)

Blackacre Field Study Experience

Blackacre was donated to the Kentucky State Nature Preserve Commission in 1979 and became Kentucky’s first state nature preserve. Blackacre was named by its donor, Judge Macauley Smith and his wife, Emilie Strong Smith. As a JCPS resource, the 179 acres provide a variety of locations for your environmental field study experience, including forests, fields, ponds, and streams. In addition, the site includes a historical homestead area first settled by a pioneer family in the 1790s. The buildings include an Appalachian-style barn, a two-story springhouse, a stone cottage, and the 1844 Tyler house.

Learning about the natural world at Blackacre offers a great opportunity for teachers and students to experience classroom work in the the outdoors. As students explore the environment at Blackacre, they collect data, images, and ideas, which can be transformed into writing pieces, scientific notebook entries, and mathematical applications. The experiences at Blackacre also provide a rich understanding of the historical significance of how people have had an impact on the environment. 

Blackacre Field Study Experience Resources

Three agencies maintain Blackacre as a result of a ten-year management agreement: JCPS, the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, and the Blackacre Conservancy.