ESS Program Goals

The overall purpose of Extended School Services (ESS) is to design effective programs that provide opportunities for JCPS students to succeed at high levels.

Program Goals

To achieve this overall purpose, goals include the following:

  • To enhance the performance of students who are having difficulty in Core Content areas
  • To provide additional instruction to students who are in danger of failing
  • To close the achievement gap of low-performing students

Measures for Determining Success

  • Decrease the number of students in the Stanine 1, 2, 3, and Novice categories in the areas of math and/or reading or who have scored a zero on the Act WorkKeys.
  • Improve the grades of 80 percent of students who enter ESS failing in reading and/or math by one or more letter grades.
  • Align the school’s ESS Program plan with ESS Program criteria.
  • Ensure that 100 percent of schools meet timelines for submission of reports, forms, and applications for the school year.