Use of Title I Funds

Title I funds may be used only to supplement the funds that would, in the absence of the funds, be made available from non-federal sources for the education of children participating in Title I programs. In no case may Title I funds be used to take the place of funds from non-federal sources.

Following the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment, each Title I school must use Title I funds to focus on implementing instructional strategies, programs, or models that are research-based and scientifically proven to raise student achievement and help students demonstrate proficiency, especially in literacy and mathematics. The increased achievement is the result of improving all of the school's educational programs and specifically addressing the needs of its lowest-performing students. JCPS Title I funds must be used for instructional purposes only and must be related to literacy, math, and/or science. Title I funds may not be used to purchase non-instructional materials and may not be used to purchase books or materials that are “given away.”