Coaches’ Requirements & Responsibilities

All coaches/sponsors are to be responsible for their participants and their equipment and are to be present at all practices/events unless excused by the principal. Coaches/Sponsors shall never leave supervision of practices or games with anyone not employed and under contract with JCPS.

Equipment must be collected and stored immediately upon the close of the season. Thorough inventories should be done prior to the season beginning and after the season ends. Coaches/Sponsors are responsible for maintaining school property, including uniforms and equipment.

Coaches/Sponsors must be available to parents to discuss team issues, although parents should recognize that it is within the coach’s/sponsor’s authority to determine the amount of a student athlete’s playing time.

Volunteer Coaches/Sponsors 

Volunteer coaches are not permitted in high school athletic programs. No volunteer who is assisting with a program may give any type of instruction to any student. A volunteer may, if cleared by the JCPS volunteer check, serve as a statistician or other support staff. Any volunteer coach at the middle school level must be fingerprinted.

Paraprofessional Coaches

Hiring of coaches shall adhere to all JCPS and KHSAA requirements. Coaches who are not certified teachers may be hired provided they meet all KHSAA and JCPS requirements. The KHSAA requirements for coaching can be found under Bylaw 25.