Dance/Drill Regulations

Dance/Drill Team (Middle and High)

  • Teams must compete in the JCPS competition.
  • Teams not participating in the JCPS competition may not compete outside Jefferson County.
  • All potential team candidates must complete clinic and tryout procedures each year.
  • High school organized practice begins with the KHSAA official practice date of July 15.
  • Each individual school will be responsible for its own official tryouts each year and will decide on uniforms and accessories.
  • The district has adopted the following KHSAA cheerleading safety regulations for dance/drill team:
    • No mini-trampolines or other height-increasing apparatus are authorized.
    • Gymnastics, pyramid building, and/or partner stunting (weight supported by another person) are not permitted.
  • Forward rolls, back rolls, front walkovers, and back walkovers are now legal in dance. Back and front handsprings are not allowed. Dance lifts are legal if dancers who are supporting the weight have both feet on the ground. Cheer-type stunts are still illegal in dance:
    • No knee drops
    • No toe touches to a push-up position
    • No dance move/stunt landing in a hurdler position
  • The sponsor will organize and conduct tryouts. The sponsor is responsible for selecting squad members from the open tryout and will have final say on team membership.
  • The sponsor must publicize the date, location, and guidelines at the feeder middle schools and in the local school. Tryouts will take place in spring. Fall tryouts may occur (at the sponsor’s discretion) if there were not enough team candidates at spring tryouts.
  • The sponsor must ensure that each candidate is academically eligible, has a current and acceptable physical, and purchases the insurance plan adopted by the JCBE.
  • The sponsor must attend all events and practices.