Individual High School Sports Policies

The following policies apply to all sports:

  • No one except the principal or athletic director may schedule or cancel athletic events. 
  • All KHSAA events must have a signed KHSAA contract prior to the event occurring. There are no verbal contracts, and the official KHSAA contract must be used for all events. 
  • The JCPS Master Schedule must be followed. Any changes to the Master Schedule must be agreed upon by all participating schools.
  • Schools are bound by scrimmage limitations in all sports, including non-KHSAA sports, such as lacrosse, ice hockey, etc.
  • Schools should be knowledgeable of the limit on the number of contests allowed and closely adhere to those limits.
  • Students in their last year of high school eligibility are not eligible to compete at the junior varsity (JV) level.

Schools must be well-versed in all KHSAA polices regarding individual sport restrictions. Please review the policies for each sport.