School Postponement & Game Cancellation

  • If school is closed all day or for less than a legally constituted school day, all extracurricular and intramural events are canceled. This includes all practices and home or away games/activities for all JCPS District schools regardless of the opponent. Game cancellation must be made by 2 p.m.
  • If school is closed all day on a Friday due to inclement weather, all extracurricular and intramural events can be conducted on Saturday of that week at the principal’s discretion. The principal also has discretion in whether to use activity buses or contract with a common carrier. Schools should exercise extreme caution in decisions regarding poor weather conditions.

If the superintendent/designee directs the cancellation of all events due to weather, no exceptions shall be made unless teams are already at out-of-town sites. If that occurs, the assistant superintendent must approve play.