For assistance with benefits, leaves of absence, or workers' compensation, call (502) 485-3436.

Kristin Davis
Manager, Employee Services
(502) 485-3436

Rita Cobble
Clerk III, Employee Services 
(502) 485-3436

Benefits Contacts

(currently vacant)
Benefits Coordinator
(no email; currently vacant)
(502) 485-3436

Lori Stewart, Benefits Advisor
Certified and Classified Administrators, Clerical, Instructor IIIs, Plant Operators, OT/PT
(502) 485-3945

Angela Hyatte, Benefits Advisor
Certified ECE and Elementary School Teachers, Librarians, Nutrition Assistants
(502) 485-3168

Julia Wright, Benefits Advisor
Certified Middle and High School Teachers, Bus Drivers/Monitors, Security, Custodians
(502) 485-3435

For specific benefits questions, contact your designated counselor or

Leave Center Contacts

Tiffany Sherrod
Leave Center Coordinator
(502) 485-3436

Ruth Jenkins, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 1, Middle Schools, Housekeeping
(502) 485-3137

Takiyah Betts, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 3, All Administrators and Central Office, Maintenance/Skilled Trades
(502) 485-3104

Jacoby Morris, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 2, High Schools, Transportation
(502) 485-3512

For specific leave questions, contact your designated counselor or

Workers' Compensation Contacts

Risk Management Services Company
Workers' Compensation Administrator (Coverage of Worker’s Compensation Benefits per KRS 342 will be made and communicated by Risk Management Services Company.)
(502) 326-5900

Liz Dutschke
Workers' Compensation Consultant
(502) 485-3436