For assistance with benefits or leaves of absence, call (502) 485-3436.

Kristin Davis
Manager, Employee Services
(502) 485-3436

James Moody
Clerk III, Benefits
(502) 485-3436

Benefits Contacts

Liz Dutschke
Benefits Coordinator
(502) 485-3436

Regina Bradley, Benefits Advisor
Certified Elementary School and ECE Teachers, Nutrition Assistants
(502) 485-3945

Carie Lamb, Benefits Advisor
Certified Middle and High School Teachers, Bus Drivers/Monitors, Security, Custodians
(502) 485-3435

Angela Hyatte, Benefits Advisor
Certified and Classified Administrators, Clerical, Instructor IIIs, Plant Operators, OT/PT
(502) 485-6168

Lori Stewart, Workers' Compensation Consultant
(502) 485-6395

For specific benefits questions, contact your designated counselor or

Leave Center Contacts

Brittany Roberts, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 1, Middle Schools, Housekeeping
(502) 485-3512

Madisyn Wilson, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 3, All Administrators and Central Office, Maintenance/Skilled Trades
(502) 485-3104

Aaqila Amatus-Salaam, Leave Center Advisor
Elementary Zone 2, High Schools, Transportation
(502) 485-3137