The Chair of the Board of Education is calling a special meeting of the Board of Education to be held on Thursday, December 20, 2018, at VanHoose Education Center, 3332 Newburg Road, Louisville, Kentucky.

The purpose of this meeting is as follows:

2 p.m.  New Board Member Orientation, Session II

  1. Continuous Improvement
  • Comprehensive District Improvement Plan
  • KDE Audit and Final Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  1. JCPS Budget
  • Overview of Budget Development Process
  • Budget Timeline
  • Revenue Sources
  • Current Budget
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Budget/Program Review Cycle
  • A Look Ahead – Priorities and Cuts
  1. Vision 2020 in Action & Three Pillars
  • Vision 2020/Vision 2020 in Action
  • 3 Pillars
  1. Strategic Action Priorities
  2. Conclusion: Reflection, Discussion, Wrap-up


Any and all matters incidental to and supplementary of the foregoing may also be taken up, considered and acted upon at the meeting.