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Date Time Title
03/29/24 (All day) Good Friday (Christianity)
03/31/24 (All day) Easter (Christianity)
04/01/24 to 04/05/24 (All day) Spring Break (No School for Students)
04/08/24 (All day) PD Flex Day (No School for Students)
04/10/24 (All day) Eid ul-Fitr (Islam)
04/16/24 6:00 pm Board of Education Meeting
04/22/24 to 04/30/24 12:00 am Pesach/Passover (Judaism)
05/03/24 (All day) Oaks Day (No School for Students)
05/03/24 (All day) Holy Friday (Eastern Orthodox Christianity)
05/05/24 (All day) Easter/Holy Pascha (Eastern Orthodox Christianity)