Classroom Management Modules

High-Yield Strategies to Support Classroom Management

The Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Behavior Support Systems Departments have created ten video modules designed to lead groups of teachers through an understanding of essential high-yield strategies that can impact student engagement and behavior. These modules are designed to be used in groups, as there are prompts for discussion within the modules. Many schools dedicate one Professional Learning Community (PLC), faculty meeting, or embedded Professional Development (PD) a month to watching the videos. The modules are specific to either primary or secondary grade levels, and they incorporate JCPS students and staff in the videos as the actors as well as JCPS teacher focus groups. 

Classroom Management Modules

Module 1: Engagement Using Opportunities to Respond

Module 6: Effective Instruction for Behavior                      

Module 2: Effective Instructional Feedback

Module 7: Using Prompts and Reminders

Module 3: Building Positive Relationships

Module 8: Classroom Management Strategies

Module 4: Teaching School and Classroom Expectations

Module 9: Escalating Behaviors                                               

Module 5: Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Module 10: Effective Response to Common Challenging Behaviors

A message from Dr. Katy DeFerrari, Assistant Superintendent for Climate and Culture, about the modules: 

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