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Featured Classes for January 2018

  • Google Docs and Sheets: Learn the basics of utilizing Google Docs and Sheets. Share projects easily with others while you create, edit, and store your information online. Begins January 10.
  • Machine Shop Basics: Instruction includes safety, measurements using a micrometre, and basic tools including lathe, mill, and drill press. Begins January 16.
  • Medicare, Social Security, and IRA Decoded: Understand the benefits of each of these programs, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your financial future. Begins January 25.
  • Reiki I—Natural Healing: Enhance your own health and support others. Receive hands-on knowledge of Reiki I, Reflexology, and Acupressure. Begins January 17.
  • Sewing, Beginning: Bring your machine, power cord, manual, accessory tools, and your artistic genius to complete a project and master the art of sewing. Begins January 16.
  • Spanish for Beginners: For anyone who has little or no background in speaking Spanish, this class provides background on the culture of Spain and is useful for travel, workplace, or personal knowledge. Begins January 25.
  • T'ai Chi—Mind & Body Wellness: The Yang Style of T'ai Chi, often described as meditation in motion, offers benefits including better balance, flexibility, stamina, and blood pressure.                                           
  • Welding, the Basics: Hands-on instruction on the different types of welding positions, joints and applications, tools, and safety. Begins January 11.
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Protect your assets by understanding how these pieces work in your favor and provide financial security to your loved ones. Begins January 25.

Other Classes

  • Camp Zachary Taylor: The Building of a Training Camp: Discover in-depth details from the inception to the completion of this camp dedicated to training soldiers for battle. Begins March 19.
  • Famous Louisville Figures of the Civil War: An introduction to the famous Louisville citizens of the Civil War who shaped the past. Begins April 16. 
  • French for Beginners: For anyone who has little or no background in speaking French, this class provides background on the culture of France and is useful for travel, workplace, or personal knowledge. Begins February 13.
  • Haunted Battlefields of the Western Theater: Enjoy spectral stories of the departed spirits haunting many of the battlefields in the Western Theater. Begins April 9.
  • Horse Racing—Handicapping, Knowing the Odds: Decode the language of the racing form to generate informed opinions at the track. Begins April 12.
  • Kentucky Figures of Historical Interest: Take a unique journey through Kentucky history to learn how folks like Loretta Lynn, Jesse Stuart, Happy Chandler, and Muhammed Ali became famous. Begins May 14.
  • Louisville Occupation During the Civil War: Be transported back to 1861–65. View pictures and artifacts, and hear about the interaction between commanders, soldiers, and how Louisville maintained her grace throughout the conflict of the Civil War. Begins February 12.
  • Meditation: Enhance peace of mind, uplift your mood, and increase concentration with techniques including guided visualization, breath awareness, color meditation, and chakra meditation. Begins March 14.
  • Microsoft Excel: Create useful spreadsheets that store and organize your numerical data. Begins February 1.
  • MSD EPSC Contractor Training: Designed for contractors, inspectors, and utility company personnel who supervise construction, this course explains the EPSC measures to be installed on construction sites and the documentation necessary to comply with the EPSC Ordinance. Begins December 12.
  • MSD EPSC Home Builder Training and Certification: This class allows residential property contractors to understand what the inspector is looking for and the EPSC methods that need to be installed. Begins January 16.
  • MSD Qualified Post-Construction Inspector Program: Certification allows participants to perform inspections and oversee maintenance activities in accordance with the SQMA. Begins December 13.
  • Stained Glass—Create Your Masterpiece: Learn the basics of the copper foil method, and create up to three projects. Begins April 17.

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