COVID-19 Data

Guidance for in-person learning released

COVID Color Chart that links to full description

Officials from the Kentucky Department of Public Health and the Kentucky Department of Education have released new guidance to districts around the Commonwealth about returning to in-person learning.  The guidance includes a color coded chart (shown above) that gives districts directions about when it is safe to return to school buildings. According to this chart, Jefferson County Public Schools would fall under the orange category and the guidance calls for a consideration of remote learning only.  For a more in-depth look at what each color on the chart means, click here for a summary from state health officials.  Our Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) continues for more than 90,000 students in JCPS.  Once the JCBE makes a final decision about instruction for students moving forward, we will share the details with you.

COVID-19 Dashboard for JCPS, Jefferson County and Kentucky

teacher lectures to students sitting at desks. They are all wearing protective masks

COVID in Jefferson County, louisville skyline

covid in Kentucky, horses graze along rail fence