Accepting Donations, Gifts, & Grants

Procedure for Accepting Small Grants, Donations, and Gifts 

As required by state law, all grants, donations, and gifts to schools, departments, or the JCPS District must be accepted by the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE). This includes nonmonetary donations and gifts. The JCBE will accept and acknowledge small grants and donations officially through the approval of a Board Report. For instructions on including a small grant or donation on a Board Report, contact Judy McQueen at (502) 485-3290. 

All donations, regardless of amount or value, must be submitted to the Board using the Donation Database.

Board Policy 04.61

The Board may directly accept gifts or donations that are restricted by the grantor to be used in furtherance of lawful school safety, security, and student health purposes to the extent allowed by applicable laws and shall use any accepted gift or donation for the purpose for which it was granted.

Donations for Schools

With the principal’s approval, a school may receive any donations, including monetary donations and donations of real or personal property, for the benefit of the school or for the students of the school and hold and use it as requested.

A report of the donations received by schools shall be submitted to the Board at regular meetings. All donations shall be reported to the Board by year-end.

Family Resource and Youth Service Centers

The district may accept monetary donations for the operation and maintenance of Family Resource and Youth Service Centers (FRYSCs). Any donations given to the district for operation and maintenance of FRYSCs shall be used for that purpose only.2

The Board shall accept gifts and grants from private sources subject to the provisions of KRS 160.580 and with the understanding that the purpose must be consistent with policies and programs approved by the Board. Professional services provided to the district as a gift or donation through a professional services contract or Memorandum of Agreement shall be approved by the Board prior to acceptance of the donation and before beginning services within the district.


  1. Principal approval—Principals can sign donation/small grant documents required by donor/funder but only after review and approval by General Counsel. This would apply to all donations/small grants $25,000 or under and not real property donations.
  2. Gifts and grants over $25,000 must be sent to the Board of Education for acceptance before the superintendent may sign documents required by the donor/funder.
  3. Professional Services Contract or Memorandum of Agreement—Resource Development will work with the school/department and the donor to draft the agreement. The agreement must be approved by the Board of Education. Board approval generally takes six weeks.
  4. All real property donations must be sent to General Counsel for preapproval and referral to the JCBE for acceptance.
  5. If real property donations require an approved building modification, that should happen before being sent to General Counsel for preapproval.