Student Assignment Survey

If you’ve ever commented on, questioned, or just didn’t fully understand how student school assignments are made in Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), now is your chance to let us know about it.

The JCPS Student Assignment Survey will gather input from parents, students, and community members about the issues and values that are important to them as the district reviews and considers revisions to its student assignment plan. The survey opens Monday, November 26, and runs through Friday, December 21. In addition to individuals taking the survey here, students, parents, and community members will be selected at random—making sure to include respondents from specific groups and organizations—to ensure an accurate report. Our goal is to hear from all ends of the community, including, importantly, our most vulnerable populations.

Why now? The district reviews the student assignment plan every five to seven years and makes changes as necessary to maintain its commitment to a diverse learning environment and to meet the needs of the community. JCPS has undergone numerous changes since its last review, including population shifts, changing student demographics, and the adoption of a JCPS Racial Equity Policy as well as a districtwide review of our facilities and magnet policies and a state audit.

The survey, which takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, will help gauge how important each of the existing guiding principles—diversity, equity, predictability, choice, quality, and stability—is in the student assignment process. Your feedback will help us craft new guiding principles, if necessary. Responses will also help us determine families’ understanding of the current plan and their experience with the process so that we can better communicate and streamline the system.

A committee of parents, teachers, principals, district administrators, and community representatives has been meeting since October 2017, discussing the history of student assignment in JCPS and learning about demographic trends, the current student assignment plan, and student assignment plans in other districts.  

Now we want to hear from you! 

Information from the survey and from a series of community listening sessions held earlier in November will be presented to the Jefferson County Board of Education and community in early 2019 and will help form a recommendation to the board. Changes to the student assignment plan will begin being implemented in the 2020-21 school year.

We invite you to take the survey here and make sure your voice is heard.