Deeper Learning Resource Team

Collage of images with students working on projects and the deeper learning vin diagram

We are classroom teachers who are growing the capacity of JCPS teachers to design deeper learning experiences for our students. We know that in order for students to leave our classrooms ready for the challenges of real life, they must have capacity to care, think, and communicate about themselves and their world. 

Our mission is to grow our teachers’ abilities to make rich learning experiences a reality for every student in a JCPS classroom now and for years to come. When we are highlighting deeper learning in JCPS classrooms, facilitating school-based growth of more authentic teaching and learning, or pushing JCPS to depth and coherence in vision, we keep the development of each and every student at the center.

Why and How We Work

Because we know our students will face future social, economic, and political challenges that we cannot predict, their capacity to care about the quality of their thinking and communicating is necessary now more than ever. The goal of deeper learning strategies and practices is for students to become their best at relating to themselves, their learning, their work, and their world.

The most profound thing students take with them from our classes is who they have become. Our legacy is how they will shape their world .

For students to experience deeper learning, teachers must take a design attitude towards teaching and learning. In order to help teachers become better designers, The Deeper Learning Resource Team facilitates and enables a number of teacher driven, student centered experiences, including but not limited to…


We design and facilitate personalized professional learning regarding:

  • Student capacities and dispositions
  • Design of learning environments
  • Deeper learning strategies and approaches
  • Authentic assessments and demonstrations of learning


We find, encourage, relate to, and inform others about deeper learning that is already occurring in classrooms. We advise next steps for school-based growth and change.


We scout and connect teachers that are already designing for deeper learning experiences and environments, creating across district electronic PLCs.

Alternate Assessment
Pilot Assistance

We assist teachers in applying for the District’s Alternate Assessment Pilot, with which teachers can waive the requirement to upload Proficiency data in favor of a more authentic Demonstration of Learning.

Deeper Learning

We are building an online bank of resources and models for deeper learning strategies and approaches, created by national, regional, and local JCPS teachers.

It is the instinct of teachers to go deep, to encourage understanding, inspire friendship and curiosity as well as pride in work well done. We honor, support, and deepen the full, rich job of teachers as designers of learning for students that is authentic to the world, meaningful to the student, and purposeful to others.