JCPS Bilinguals

Translator Interpreter Engagement System

JCPS bilingual staff use the Translator Interpreter Engagement (T.I.E.) System for scheduling and extra service reporting purposes.

Translator/Interpreter User Information

Extra Service Guidelines 

  • JCPS bilingual staff need approval from Language Services (via T.I.E.) prior to performing any work whenever Language Services is expected to pay for the extra service.
  • JCPS bilingual staff cannot work extra service on:
    • A full or half sick day.
    • A full or half personal day.
    • An emergency day.
  • If unable to work on the assigned day, JCPS bilingual staff must contact Language Services as soon as possible, to enable Language Services to reassign or reschedule the job.
  • JCPS bilingual staff must report extra service during the same pay period they work.
  • Please review the tutorial video above to assist you in submitting your time sheet via T.I.E.

Confidentiality Statement

All of the interpreters/translators we hire comply with the Confidentiality Statement.