Comprehensive School Improvement Planning—Budget

2020-21 Projected Budget Allocations

Flexible Focus Funds

Budget Worksheets for the Flexible Focus Funds (ESS only)

KERA PD Funds not available FY21

Since the FY21 actual allocations are not yet known, please be aware that these preliminary allocations are subject to change.


1. Read Instruction Tab on Worksheet.
2. Complete the ESS Worksheets. See both tabs.
3. Email completed worksheets to by Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
Do not fax or scan these worksheets!

ESS Worksheets

The ESS worksheets below are to be used for ESS funds by each school. Please complete and submit the attached worksheets to Karen Moore ( by February 21, 2020. Any questions, contact Karen Moore at (502) 485-6605.

Instructions for completing these documents are in the worksheets.

Read to Achieve

Please refer to the state and federal projected budget spreadsheet above for individual school allocations.

Textbook Funds

Due to the elimination of state-funded instructional materials, JCPS is providing funding from the General Fund for elementary, middle, and high school students in FY 2020-21. The new-year allocation for textbooks will be $35 per student at all levels. Please complete the textbook worksheet located on the Financial Planning and Management website under “2020-2021 General Fund Textbook Allocation.”

If you have any questions, please contact Therese Brennan, Budget Department, at (502) 400-3438.

Title I

Allocations and worksheets for Title I are online.

If you need help completing the Excel worksheet, call Karen Moore at (502) 485-6605 or send an email to

Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Guidelines

  • Information on Carl Perkins to be shared by the District High School Office 

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Jennifer Truax at (502) 485-3292.