Adobe Software

Kentucky State Contract # MA758-1800000598

Vendor: SHI International

Vendor No.: 20729

Quote requests can be emailed to, and one of the following 
contacts will get back to you with a quote.

Lexi Ettman, (732) 564-8331

Kevin Polston, (502) 260-2537

Mark Dobres, (732) 537-7286


Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise - All Apps - 1 named user per license 
This subscription model includes Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, etc.

Commodity Code: 2120605-2011903
Price: Obtain vendor quote (based on months left in coverage term)
Part No.: Will be on vendor quote (based on months left in coverage term)
VIP No.: 138D8C67E199872F211A

After receiving your requisitioner's copy of  the Purchase Order, you should submit a LanDesk ticket to Attention: Will Olliges referencing the PO number and attaching a spreadsheet of the user(s) who should receive the Adobe license(s).  Will Olliges must then apply the names in the Adobe admin console.  Once allocated by Will Olliges in the admin console, users can install the software in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that they want to use. 
Note: If you experience trouble while installing the license, contact the Help Desk at 485-3552 (you will need to be on the JCPS network in order to obtain assistance).