KETS Computers Changes for FY22 (beginning 07/01/2021)

As JCPS moves toward a future state of Everyone:1 for technology, staying in alignment with Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) recommendations and supporting all aspects of student agency is our goal for purchasing instructional technologies. In that spirit, the Builds & Brands found below are fully recommended and supported. Note: Desktops are not part of the vision for JCPS technology moving forward. In addition, only Consumer-grade Apple products are allowed, which includes iPads (not iPad Pros) and MacBook Airs (not MacBook Pros). If after viewing the approved items below you have questions or concerns, please contact JCPS IT at

If a device you wish to purchase is not listed above, and you feel strongly about advocating for the device, please submit a waiver for your purchase to be reviewed for consideration.

Continuing in FY22:
JCPS has been advised by KDE that, moving forward, Lightspeed Relay licenses will be provided for all school districts in Kentucky. Therefore, requisitioners will no longer be required to add lines or additional requisitions for Lightspeed.

Note: Any previously purchased licenses are being utilized by the ordering location. 

For Apple iPads, there are two requisitions (information below on entering those requisitions). Note: JCPS IT is now using JAMF as the mobile device management (MDM) licensing for iPads. This license allows each iPad to be managed remotely (just as Google Management works with Chromebooks). In addition to the cost of the iPad and AssetGenie warranty/services, this additional expense will need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for iPads. This cost will be handled as an internal budget transfer process after the fact of ordering iPads and warranties. The cost is $36 per iPad for six years (which is the average iPad life cycle). Within 60 days of the receipt of the device, an IT3 team member will reach out to the ordering location's requisitioner for the appropriate account code to be charged (will be the same code used to purchase iPads and warranties as directed below).

  • Req# 1 to Apple—Vendor# 56184 (only 10.2" 64GB devices will ship to AGI). Do not order Apple accessories on the same req as iPads. (This causes problems with shipping due to using a third-party service vendor.) Change "Ship To" location to code IT3 with ordering location information in the "Reference" field (i.e., #Cost Center Number—Location Name/Contact Name). Apple will ship devices to AssetGenie dba AGI, where they will set up the device and install a case. AssetGenie dba AGI will then ship the devices to JCPS, where they will be delivered to your location by the JCPS IT3 Customer Care Team following asset tagging.
  • Req# 2 to AssetGenie dba AGI (See ordering information below.)      

AGI warranty/service (two line items per requisition)—only 10.2" 64GB devices that ship to AGI:
Line Item #1:

  • Vendor Name: AssetGenie (dba AGI)
  • Vendor No: 38461
  • Price: $59 per device
  • Commodity Code: 4600650-2014349
  • Add'l Desc Note: 3 YEAR AGI PROTECT PLAN W/ CASE
  • Object Code: 0734 (same as device)​
  • KETS Code: (same as device)

Line Item #2:

  • Vendor Name: AssetGenie (dba AGI)
  • Vendor No: 38461
  • Price: $20 per device
  • Commodity Code: 4600650-2014350
  • Object Code: 0734 (same as device)
  • KETS Code: (same as device)

Add a General Note on the device and AGI requisitions referencing the corresponding req number. There is no need to print on the PO.

When making technology purchases, you should follow these guidelines:

  • VDI-ThinClients—These devices are reserved for office/administrative use only (e.g., plant operators, application center, etc.). If you are considering a VDI-ThinClient, please contact the VDI team
    in advance to discuss your needs at; Note: A Wyse/VDI terminal is not a full PC and requires IT to configure it.
  • Student Workstations—A student workstation is any instructional device a student uses for learning (including Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and iPads/Tablets).
  • Assistive and Adaptive Technology—Hardware that permits an instructional device to be used by a special needs teacher/student/staff, while not restricting others, along with associated maintenance costs
  • Classroom Instructional Technology—Projectors, interactive panels, document cameras—any technology hardware (that is not a “workstation") along with associated maintenance costs.