Printer Supplies

Ordering Information 

Section 1 (This applies to printers that are not part of the Managed Print program.)

Digital Technology recommends the use of manufacturer replacement cartridges due to possible warranty issues caused by non-OEM replacements. If a generic refill cartridge causes a printer failure and the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty due to the generic cartridge use, the repair or replacement cost of the printer would fall to the location.

Available supplies: Inkjet printer cartridges, laser printer cartridges, fuser kits, drum kits, and transfer kits

Available brands: Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Xerox, Epson, Sharp, Canon, IBM, Panasonic, and Brother

Vendor Name: Cardinal Office 360

Vendor Number: 41242
Commodity Code: 4600515-1727419
Vendor Contact: Theresa Lemley, (502) 875-3300,

Vendor Name: Complete Printer Source

Vendor Number: 29171
Commodity Code: 4600090-2012809
Vendor Contact: Gabe Zai, 1-859-581-1768 ext. 105,

Section 2 (This applies to Managed Print program printers/copiers only.)

New process that began FY21 and will continue in FY22:
Districtwide blanket PO will be issued to vendors with printer/copier maintenance agreements as follows:

CDW—HP printers
Duplicator Sales—Ricoh copiers
Lang—HP and Copystar copiers

Ordering locations no longer enter their own blanket requisitions as Accounts Payable will pay all invoices monthly with one districtwide invoice/purchase order. This will be paid out of a central office Munis code, and then the expense will be transferred via a journal entry to each ordering location's Munis code (keep in mind the correct object code is 0432). Note: Accounts Payable will confirm each ordering location's Munis code via an emailed survey in the near future.