Copiers and Printers Included in the JCPS Print Management Project

JCPS Print Management

Additional Copier Information

  • Copier information can be found in the link above.
  • For additional questions, contact the IT project team by emailing
  • The buyer for copiers is Alicia Miracle.

Additional Printer Information

  • A site visit is not required for a printer purchase. Follow the link above for printer information.
  • Due to the use of print management software and card reader authentication, all devices must be network-connected. A network drop and/or electric receptacle may need to be installed. Refer to Bid# 7505, Installation of Voice or Data Cables, for more information.
  • All printer pricing includes HP USB Universal Proximity Card Reader.
  • ​The buyer for printers is Alicia Miracle.

New process for maintenance agreement/click rate beginning FY21:
Districtwide blanket PO will be issued to vendors with printer/copier maintenance agreements as follows:

CDW—HP printers
Duplicator Sales—Ricoh copiers
Lang—HP and Copystar copiers

This means that ordering locations no longer enter their own blanket requisitions as Accounts Payable will pay all invoices monthly with one districtwide invoice/purchase order. This will be paid out of a central office Munis code, and then the expense will be transferred via a journal entry to each ordering location's Munis code. (Keep in mind that the correct object code is 0432.) Note: Accounts Payable will confirm each ordering location's Munis code via an emailed survey in the near future.