Activity Funds

JCPS is obligated to provide its students with activity programs that are attractive, meaningful, and worthwhile. Activities enrich the quality of the curriculum, provide new learning experiences, encourage interest in classroom work, and strengthen morale and discipline. Students and parents raise funds to finance these activities. These funds must be segregated from other funds.

Sources of activity funds include athletic and other event ticket sales, event/activity fees, fundraising activities, vending sales, at-risk funds, tuition program revenues, and contributions from individuals and organizations (including Parent Teacher Association [PTA] donations) as well as small grants. Activity funds are used in JCPS schools at all levels for fundraising for various student activities, athletic teams and events, such materials as library books and equipment, and playground or recreation equipment.

Student participation in the planning and execution of club activities is a life-preparation experience. Club treasurers should be encouraged to assist in the accounting procedures as part of the fiscal management of activity accounts. Public trust demands an efficient system of accounting for all money received and expended through school activity fund accounts. JCPS policies and guidelines must safeguard and account for all activity funds and ensure that they are expended as intended by the fundraisers.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) mandate uniform accounting for school activity funds. All transactions shall, at a minimum, be in accordance with the guidelines and forms published in Accounting Procedures for Kentucky School Activity Funds. A local board of education may enact a policy more restrictive than the procedures established in this handbook referred to as the Redbook. The JCPS District's procedures are documented in our JCPS Activity Fund Accounting Manual.

Monthly Activity Fund Reports

Each JCPS school prepares a monthly report of activity funds showing beginning balances, receipts, disbursements, and ending balances in each activity account. The schedules are related to the checking account balance, which is reconciled monthly. Each fund account represents a particular group's equity or claim on a portion of the activity fund net balance. These reports are provided to the school's School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council and Internal Audit monthly.

Reports are due in Internal Audit by the 15th of the following month. Each school's activity fund is reported monthly in summary form to the superintendent and board.

Monthly Report Verification Form


Accounting Procedures for Kentucky School Activity Funds, Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), 2013

2013 Redbook Frequently Asked Questions

JCPS Redbook FAQs


School Activity Fund Monthy Financial Report Additional Information: This form is used to record the Accounts Receivable items and the NSF checks outstanding for each month. This form is part of the Monthly Financial Report sent to Internal Audit by the 15th of each month.

School Activity Fund NSF Check Letter to Parent: You may use this letter when contacting the check writer of an NSF check. After writing the letter, put the NSF check in the place indicated on the letter, make a copy of the letter, and send the copy to the check writer. Keep the original letter and check on file until honored. Remember to keep a copy of the NSF check with your NSF Log.