School Audits

The external auditors or the Internal Audit Department conducts annual audits of all JCPS District schools in conjunction with the annual audit of the financial statements of the schools and the district by independent external auditors. The annual audit of school activity funds is required by Kentucky law. The school audit program includes the following:

  • Bookkeeper's and principal's internal control questionnaire
  • School's annual activity fund report verification: beginning and ending account balances, outstanding checks, deposits in transits, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Fundraiser approvals and summaries
  • Profit and loss of all soft drink and snack accounts
  • Profit and loss of the bookstore account
  • Transfer forms
  • Bank statements and monthly reconciliations
  • Activity account ledger
  • Receipts
  • Non-sufficient funds checks
  • Disbursements
  • Fee waivers, at-risk students
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • Attendance incentives
  • Designation of funds balances
  • Credit card purchases
  • JCPS professional service contracts
  • Preschool programs
  • Family Resource and Youth Services Centers (FRYSCs)
  • Student bank
  • Leave forms for payroll
  • Extra service forms
  • Food service records

The auditors prepare recommendations and comments that are discussed with the principal and bookkeeper during the exit conference. The schools respond to the comments with a written plan of action.

Copies of internal control questionnaires for bookkeepers and principals are available below. These contain questions regarding good practices for school activity funds and other school business.

The audits are performed in accordance with Government Auditing standards. For more information, visit the federal website Government Auditing Standards.