Racial Equity Analysis Protocol

The Racial Equity Analysis Protocol (REAP) is an instrument to be used when school leadership is making decisions that impact students. The expectation is that this protocol is used for every said decision. In turn, should the screening of an idea or initiative (un)intentionally marginalize or negatively influence a group of students, leadership is to adjust the idea/plan, “run” the idea through the REAP again, and check inclusion. The REAP is not just for new ideas and initiatives. Schools are expected to screen established practices using the protocol as well. Similarly, if established practices prove to marginalize any student group, leadership should amend or end the practice.

When filtering policy/ practice through the REAP:

  • Answer all of the questions.
  • Explicitly state the race/ethnicity. 
    • (Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, White)
  • Critically and thoughtfully answer the questions.
  • Use your data and the Equity Scorecard to check for inequities.