Grants & Awards Policy 4.61

Grants & Awards Policy 4.61

4.61  Gifts and Grants



All donations must be submitted to the Board using the on-line Donation Site.

Donation Types

  • Donation (cash or check)
  • In-Kind (items or goods received)
  • Small Grant (Call Resource Development at 485-3290)

Once submitted on-line an email is generated to Grants & Awards for all items marked "Donation" and the system generates a Small Grant Retention Form (SGR) email to Grants & Awards Accounting.

Grants & Awards determines where the funds are to be deposited based on information received.  The decision is one of the choices below:

  • School Activity Funds - After school sports activities, student raised funds, Hospitality (Adult/Staff) Funds, approved school wide fundraisers, field trip money
  • District Activity Funds - Class fees & registration fees, gates & concessions from athletic events, donations for upkeep or improvement of buildings/grounds, fuel for mowers, etc.
  • Small Grant - Donations/Gifts that require signed agreements, reporting, are from federal funds, etc.

Emails are forwarded to schools with instructions for deposit of the funds.



  • It is important that you have a copy of the grant agreement or award letter and originating application so you know exactly what the funds are to be used for and the timelines involved.  Grant funds must be spent within specific timelines according to the funding agency.
  • Contact Financial Planning & Management (Budget Office) to establish a line item MUNIS budget that agrees with the funding agencies requirements.
  • If the grant is to pay for personnel you must submit a staffing sheet/position control sheet to the Budget Office.  Remember, full time personnel being paid from grant funds must be funded for July-June of each year.
  • Have a plan in place that includes timelines and follow the plan.
  • Make sure school personnel know the guidelines surrounding specific grants.  Each grant is unique in its purpose and timeframe.
  • Spend grant funds for the purpose given and spend them first before general fund dollars.
  • Continually monitor the spending of grant funds to ensure they are being spent in a timely matter and within the grant timelines. Don't wait until March to start spending your grant.
  • Review and approve all expenditures to ensure compliance with grantor and district policies. (vouchers, extra service payroll, purchase requisitions, transfers, etc.)
  • Prepare and submit all non-financial, programmatic reports according to grant requirements.
  • Document and Submit to Grants & Awards all In-Kind match requirements and documentation.
  • Follow all grant close out procedures given by Grants & Awards within the given timelines.
  • Provide an explanation of all unspent grant funds to Grants & Awards. 



GRANTS & AWARDS ACCOUNTING - Expenses, Revenue, Reporting and Close-Out

  • Assists program directors and principals in understanding the specifics of grant awards.
  • Ensure expenses of grant funds are in line with all agency requirements and timelines, as well as, in compliance with all JCPS policies and procedures.
  • Provides accounting services and reconciliation for all federal, state local and foundation grants.
  • Processes all requests for grant revenue.
  • Processes all expense journal requests.
  • Prepares and Submits all financial reporting to grant agencies.
  • Maintains an electronic auditable Grant Master File for audit review and reference
  • Provides training upon request on Grant/Program procedures and/or guidelines.

FINANCIAL PLANNING & MANAGEMENT - Budget setup and maintenance, position control and staffing

  • Assigns and sets up in MUNIS all grant projects
  • Monitors the receiving of all grant documents (contracts, board approval, etc.)
  • Works directly with principals and program directors in budget preparation of grant funds.
  • Establishes general ledger account codes and line item budgets in MUNIS.
  • Works with Human Resources (HR) in establishing position numbers and assuring that personnel get moved into those positions.
  • Processes/Approves all budget amendments/revisions in accordance with grant requirements.
  • Assists Grants & Awards in grant close outs.



Travel Guidelines:

Expense Guidelines:

Meals and Refreshment Guidelines:

Grants & Awards Frequently Asked Questions:

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