Grants & Awards Tip Sheet

Grants & Awards Tip Sheet

Grants & Awards Tip Sheet (useful tips that will help you in the fiscal management of your grant)


Align your budgets to your expenses

Review your budget periodically

Have a plan and spend accordingly

Extra Service Payroll

Report time within correct pay period

Only project extended days at year end (JUNE ONLY)

Use the correct Pay Type

Use the correct Account Code

Make sure all supporting documentation is kept at the school or submitted if turning in a pink sheet

Travel Reimbursement

Know your vendor number (No SSN)

Use the correct account code

Verify availability of funds (check your budgets)

Must indicate if mileage is for round trip

Make sure your insurance affidavit is on file

Submit travel monthly (DO NOT HOLD UNTIL YEAR END)

Other Expenses

Follow up on purchase orders and make sure invoices get paid

Voucher payments must have all applicable backup documentation and appropriate approval signatures


Using these tips will help diminish returns by Grants & Awards to you for correction which delays payments to employees and vendors.


Grants & Awards is here to assist you in any way we can as we strive together to provide the best educational experience for our students.  Please contact Grants & Awards at 485-3461 for assistance.