Travel Information

Travel Reimbursement

As of July 1, 2021, the travel reimbursement amount for district employees is 44 cents per mile

Out of county travel is still prohibited at this time unless approved by a Cabinet level administrator.

Submission Process: All travel vouchers are to be submitted electronically based on the procedures below and in the Travel Guidelines:

  • Traveler: Email the voucher and supporting documentation as one compiled PDF file to your supervisor for approval.
  • Approver: Review the voucher electronically.

There are two different forms for submitting travel reimbursement: In-County and Out-of-County (links to the Excel files below). All scanned images of original receipts need to accompany the reimbursement form. Please refer to the Travel Guidelines below for instructions regarding “Driving vs. Flying.”

Questions? For General Fund travel, please call the Accounting Office at (502) 485-3146. For grant-related travel, please contact your grant clerk.