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See below for SMART Boards, Clear Touch Interactive Flat Panels, and flash drives.

Building Mods are no longer required for the installation of SMART Boards or projectors.

SMART Boards and Accessories

Vendor Name: Creative Image Technologies

Vendor No.: 2684

Commodity Codes:
4600150-2010842 Equipment
4600185-2010518 Integration/Accessories
4600650-2009643 Installation
4600650-2014221 Shipping

Contact: Trish Bradley
Phone: 1-877-834-9711

Clear Touch Interactive Flat Panels and Accessories

Vendor Name: School House Technology

Vendor No.: 57056

Commodity Codes:
4600150-2011505 Equipment
4600650-2011845 Installation
4600650-2011422 Shipping
Add a general note stating: REFERENCE KPC# 10100427-CLS2017.016 & QUOTE NO.

Contact: Jason Veasey
Phone: (502) 310-9446

Flash Drives

Flash drives are no longer on the A-V Bid. They may be purchased from Cardinal Office Products using State contract KY MA 758-1400000374, Commodity Code 4600515-1727419— or one of the vendors found under Integrators.