Miscellaneous Purchasing Information

JCPS Meals and Refreshments Guidelines

Blanket Orders

A blanket order is a purchase order that is opened for the purpose of processing repetitive purchases from a single supplier.

A “not to exceed” dollar figure to cover the life of the order (usually six months to one year) must be established. You may cancel the blanket order any time, and the remaining dollar balance will be returned to the appropriate budget code.

When processing a non-bid blanket order, remember to follow the “small purchase” procedures. (Choose several items that you will be purchasing, and contact competitive suppliers who normally sell those items—and select the best price.) Proximity, delivery, quality, and ready availability are also reasons for choosing your supplier. List prices and/or reasons for choosing the supplier on the Determination and Findings.

Aggregate Amount

This means that purchases of “like” items that exceed $40,000 in value must be formally bid. The $40,000 amount is the amount purchased by the entire district in a fiscal year, not just the purchases of one cost center.


The voucher is the conduit for payment for goods or services required or received by a business or organization. The voucher is usually issued after the fact. Note: Any material or service that can be processed using the online system should not be processed on a voucher. The voucher is a form that is submitted to the Finance Unit, and it is a formal request for permission to prepay or pay for goods or services desired or received.

Items/Services that can be vouchered:

  • Materials, periodicals, and services that require prepayment
  • Payment to suppliers or individuals who will not accept a purchase order or who will not accept purchase orders under a minimum dollar amount and your purchase will be less than that minimum
  • Travel and seminars
  • District memberships (Remember, the district does not pay for individual memberships.)
  • Postage and postage stamps
  • Items that are less than $5

Professional Services Contract

A Professional Services Contract must be completed for any service provider where the dollar amount will be $5,000 or more. The contract must be approved by the board prior to the beginning of service. After board approval, a requisition must be put online for payment of the contract.

For any service under $5,000 where the vendor will provide the service at your school/office location, an Addendum to Jefferson County Public School District Purchase Order must be on file with an approved purchase order prior to any services being provided (e.g., Blue Apple Players, dance instructors, guest speakers, workshop providers).

Do not mix Bid, Non-Bid, and Warehouse items on the same Purchase Requisition.

Only the Purchasing/Bid Department has the authority to place Confirming Orders. If for some reason you have a need to get an order immediately, contact the Purchasing/Bid Department.