General Maintenance, Renovations, & Grounds Contacts


Director, Property Management and Maintenance Rob Tanner 485-3565

Specialist, General Maintenance

Mike Thomas 485-7002
Specialist Mechanical Maintenance James Jones 485-1538
Manager Maintenance & Renovations Gary Mitchell 485-7564
Supervisor, Housekeeping Kelly Kirk 485-6100
Coordinator, General Maintenance, and Renovations Eric Williams 485-3565
Coordinator, Grounds  John DeMarsh 485-3301
Roofing Inspector Robert Coke 485-3565


To phone in emergency work orders during regular office hours, call Maintenance Scheduling at (502) 485-3565. After regular office hours, call security at (502) 485-3121.

General Maintenance

Scretary, Property Management and Maintenance Cindy Smith 485-3178
Carpenter and Lock Shops Mike Parker 485-3565
Electric and Kitchen Shops Al Arnett 485-3565
Grounds Department Larry Brafford or Cornell Ward 485-33101
HVAC Mark Fleshman 485-3425
Paint and Shade Shops Mike Smith 485-3565
Paint Projects Shop Rachael Thomas 485-3565
Plumbing and Metal Shops Michael Hunt 485-3565
Renovation and Preventative Maintenance Shops Bryan Page 485-3565
Roof Shop Troy McDonald 485-3565