ALICE Training

We wanted to pass along the link to the JCPS ALICE Training Resources. There are helpful resources, including information for training staff and students and a calendar of events. There are also videos, JCPS-specific information, instructional PowerPoint presentations, FAQs, explanations for concerns and misconceptions, and more. There’s also information about how to install the Nightlock Lockdown devices on doors. The site hasn’t been up long, so new material is getting added all the time. Check regularly for updates. You can also view the site on your cell phone. 

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When you visit the site, you will be directed to sign into Microsoft One Drive and/or Google Drive. You may/may not have to sign into Drive before attempting to go into our ALICE webpage. Anytime you’re asked for an email address (or username) and password, simply use your JCPS email credentials to gain access. Your personal Microsoft or Google account will not work. You have to use your JCPS email and password. Feel free to call/contact us or any of the instructors if you need anything or have questions. (Our contact information is also available on the site under “Meet the Team.”)