Learning opportunities provided through effective Professional Development and Learning are essential to develop and broaden the knowledge and skills of Certified and Instructional Classified employees. The Kentucky Department of Education set forth expectations for quality professional development, identified by learner needs, that must be available in order for all educators to grow professionally. The PDL Department supports effective PD learning by:

  • Coordinates district-level new employee orientation, new teacher orientation, new teacher induction, and new teacher mentoring programs to support Certified and Classified employee development.
  • Focuses on data-driven high quality PD related to the Three District Pillars: Backpack of Skills, Racial Equity and Climate and Culture for individual, school and district improvement.
  • Works with staff, schools, and PD providers to understand and implement federal, state, and locally mandated PD requirements aligned with effectiveness standards; individual growth goals; and school, district, and state goals for student achievement.
  • Ensures the district’s PD proposal and approval process is in alignment with high quality learning, state standards as well as individual, school and district goals.
  • Maintains a database of PD hours earned for Certified and Instructional Classified employees and EILA hours for current Administrators.
  • Records and reports district compliance information to KDE.
  • Coordinates PD for certified and classified staff on mandated Flexible PD Days, Summer Classified Institute as part of the Deeper Learning Symposium. 

For information regarding Professional Development & Learning Requirements and other related PD topics, refer to the guidelines, instructions, and printable forms listed under Quick Help on pdCentral or The Learning Link