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Count Us In! Every Student, Every Day! 

Working together to show that every school day matters, the Department of Pupil Personnel works closely with district schools to help remove barriers that may be preventing children from being in school. As part of Kentucky's compulsory attendance law, a truant is defined as any student who has three unexcused absences, and an habitual truant is defined as any student who has six or more unexcused absences. It is the responsibility of Pupil Personnel to investigate cases of nonattendance and enforce all aspects of the law. By having the staff members who do these investigations located in all eight of the Louisville Metro Neighborhood Places—which also house representatives of the city's many social services agencies—department staff are able to work with families found to be in need of assistance.

As the keepers of student records, department staff are available to provide information, transcripts, and copies of student records to eligible students, parents, and agencies as well as to oversee and assist schools in recording the daily attendance of every student in the district.