The Real Estate Department's responisbilities include:

  • Managing the acquisition of JCPS property for new facilities, the sale of surplus facilities, appraisals, State approval, easements, deeds, and the record retention.
  • Representing JCPS at Government Land Bank meetings.
  • Managing the rental of JCPS schools and the use of our school grounds along with the billing associated with that use.

The Insurance Department manages the insurance needs for the district regarding the acquisition and payment of the following insurance covereages to protect all shareholders involved:

  • Fleet Insurance (auto and buses)
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Bonds: Treasurer, Assistant Treasurers, Employee Dishonesty
  • Builder's Risk (covers contractors during school renovations)
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Healthcare Professional Liability (covers our Healthcare staff and students enrolled in the program)
  • General/Educators Legal Liability
  • Flood Insurance
  • Property Insurance (buildings and contents)
  • Special Activity Insurance (field trips)
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Drone Insurance Coverage