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JCPS School-Business Partnerships

School and community partnerships are supportive, collaborative efforts created to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals and activities intended to benefit students and ensure their success. JCPS encourages and supports business and community partnerships. The Office of Business and Community Partnerships brings schools, businesses, and community organizations together in order to benefit students. For partners, the benefits are immediate and long-term because an effective education system provides a strong foundation for economic success in our community.

Interested in partnering with a school? Contact Kristin Wingfeld or call (502) 485-3995 to complete the Partnership Starter survey.

What is a JCPS school-business partnership?

It’s a relationship that benefits both the business and the school. School-business partnerships in JCPS are designed to give members of our business community a chance for their employees to donate their time to help students. These relationships are not about marketing for the district or for the businesses. They’re about meeting students’ needs. 

Guiding Principles for JCPS School-Business Partnerships 

  • We choose what's best for kids. Students and the teachers who lead them are at the center of every JCPS school-business partnership.
  • We put people first. Our partnerships are relationship-driven. They are not based on financial support.
  • We respect one another's organizational purpose and guidelines. Schools and businesses understand each other’s core values. They seek common ground while operating within one another's guidelines.
  • We create new partnership opportunities. Our partnerships are dynamic and innovative, and we always remain open to new ideas.
  • In each partnership, both the business and the school actively participate. School and business representatives lead the way in developing the partnership relationship, staying in touch with each other and creating opportunities to expand the partnership. School liaisons lead their students and staff members in expressing gratitude for partner support.

How do partnerships help students?

  • They increase the resources and services available to teachers and school administrators to enhance learning experiences. 
  • The students get real business experience and learn skills that help them become college- and career-ready.
  • Students also learn the social and emotional skills they’ll need for life after high school.

How do partnerships help businesses?

  • The companies start building a relationship with the future workforce.
  • They receive recognition as companies that care about their community.
  • They can offer employees volunteer opportunities, which can help with retention and morale. (A survey showed that 62 percent of 18- to 26-year-olds say they would prefer to work for a company that lets them volunteer for causes they believe in.)

What do JCPS business partners do?

There are many ways for organizations to partner with JCPS. Here are a few examples:

  • Participate in a career fair
  • Provide classroom or assembly speakers on specific topics
  • Host teacher externships and advise on a project-based learning curriculum
  • Partner with teachers to develop Problem-Based Case Learning opportunities
  • Hire students for co-ops and internships
  • Offer job-shadow opportunities for students in career pathways
  • Participate on advisory boards
  • Help with specific projects and project-based curricula
  • Advise students who run mini-businesses, such as bookstores, in their schools
  • Host field trips at their company
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Mentor or tutor students/student groups
  • Join students in a community-service project

Examples of Current School-Business Partnerships

  • PNC helps students at Olmsted Academy North and Olmsted Academy South run school banks.
  • Doss and Southern High Schools host branches of the Class Act Federal Credit Union.
  • Ford engineers work with teachers at Jeffersontown High on a project-based learning curriculum.
  • Business First hosts teachers from Ballard High for three days at their offices and partners with teachers to develop a curriculum based on the experience for students to learn about newspaper publishing.
  • MSD employees work with Academy @ Shawnee engineering teachers and students to develop a plant bed system to address water run-off and heat islands.
  • The Building Industry Association partnered with Iroquois High School to develop a He Shed She Shed design competition.
  • More than 40 businesses appoint a contact person to recruit volunteers for the middle school Make the Connection Program.
  • UPS provides mentors for robotics programs.
  • GE employees serve on advisory boards at the Academy @ Shawnee.

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