Dr. Rob Fulk Named Asst. Superintendent of Middle Schools

Fulk brings more than 15 years of experience in education to his new role

May 26, 2021 –Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio has named Dr. Rob Fulk to be the next Assistant Superintendent of Middle School.

Fulk, who began in JCPS in 2016, is currently the principal of Iroquois High School and was previously the principal of Marion C. Moore School. Before coming to JCPS, Fulk worked as an assistant superintendent, principal, and teacher for Bullitt, Trimble, and Oldham County Public Schools.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be a high school principal, middle school principal, and I was able to do both at Moore,” Fulk said. “I have been fortunate in my career to see many facets of education, and I’ve found middle grade education to be highly impactful to a student’s future self.  The middle school grades are a critical time to explore interests, strengthen the foundations of elementary, and continue to discover their future self.  I am looking forward to working with all of our principals to support their vision and assist our schools in producing well-rounded, prepared learners.”

Throughout his 16 years in education, Fulk has discovered his passion for middle school leadership and looks forward to focusing on that age group on a district-wide level.

“I have spent half my career in high school, and half in middle, with several years living in both realms,” Fulk said. “I love the high school world, and the finality of graduation, but I believe that often our middle is ‘forgotten’ and looked at as this odd transitional time for kids.  Often I would hear ‘You work with middle school!’  I look forward to the chance to bring our middle schools firmly into their next step, and better prepare the young folks for their high school experiences and beyond.”

Fulk received his doctorate of education, educational specialist, and masters from the University of Louisville. 

Dr. Fulk will begin his new role on June 14.