JCPS Diversity, Equity and Poverty Department launches new podcast

New episodes will be released twice a month

October 4, 2021 – A new Jefferson County Public Schools podcast from the district’s equity department aims to take its message of diversity and inclusion to the airwaves.

The first episode for The Pillar, a 25-30 minute podcast from the Department of Diversity, Equity and Poverty with new episodes released twice a month, dropped in mid-September.  Listen to The Pillar here.

“This is the new wave of communication,” said Ian Brandon, supervisor for the district’s satellite offices who served as host of the second podcast, on school site based decision-making councils, which aired for the first time Oct. 1. The episode focuses on identifying stakeholders involved in decision-making at the school level, what types of decisions are being made on behalf of students, and how families can get more involved in the process.

“We’re able to reach a new, particularly younger, demographic that’s becoming more involved,” Brandon said. “I think it’s important to get these types of messages and information out in front of them early on, giving them insight into how the school system works, who’s fighting for their behalf.  The younger they’re aware of these things, the better the impact we can have.”

Future episodes will feature a rotating lineup of hosts from DEP discussing their roles and a variety of topics, including the Louisville Teacher Residency program, Minority and Women Business Enterprise, and equity screener, to name a few.

The idea for the podcast came from Chief Equity Officer Dr. John Marshall as a way to continue extending the district’s message of equity. 

“It’s important for communities and families to know more ways they can get involved, have a seat at the table, let their voice be heard,” Brandon said.

When it came to naming the podcast, the department took inspiration from the district’s three areas of focus, or pillars: culture and climate, Backpack of Success Skills, and equity. Said Brandon: “This was just a perfect example of how we’re continuing to extend that message.”