Lt. Gov. Coleman Joins Bates First Graders for Virtual Class

Students get chance to ask Coleman about how government works

November 12, 2020 -- First grade students at Bates Elementary School on Thursday got to bend the ear of Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, who dropped into their virtual classroom to talk to them about how government works.

Students in Kathleen Fite’s classroom had prepared for the visit by talking about the role of government, and peppered the lieutenant governor with questions, including:

Is it scary to run a government? (“It’s not scary but it’s a big responsibility,” she told them.)

What does a lieutenant governor do? (“It would be like the governor is the principal and the lieutenant governor is the assistant principal,” she explained. “I support the governor and help accomplish the goals we’ve set together.”)

Who decides how much money to spend on things like schools and roads? (The governor proposes a budget, she said, and then state lawmakers fine tune it, and the final budget often ends up being a compromise.)

For Coleman, a former teacher and assistant principal, the opportunity to talk to young students was a chance to return to doing what she loves.

“This week I’ve got to talk to two first grade classes,” she said. “I miss my students so much, so you guys are the best part of this week.”

picture of zoom screen meeting with Lt. Gov. Coleman and first graders at Bates Elementary