New Agreement Further Supports Student Learning During NTI

The agreement will offer community-based learning hubs for students.

The Jefferson County Board of Education approved an agreement that will ensure many students have additional instructional support during remote learning.

The approved agreement will provide 30 certified substitute teachers daily from Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) to work in community-based learning hubs.  Evolve 502, a community partner of JCPS, is helping to connect the substitutes with various churches and non-profit organizations in the city assisting students.  Dozens of groups have already expressed interest in the initiative.

“Our strong network of community champions helped to make this possible,” said Renee Murphy, JCPS Communications and Community Relations. “By working together we are finding solutions and new ways to be there for our families during Non-Traditional Instruction.”

The agreement will be in place between September 16 and June of 2021.  The substitutes will be available during any periods of NTI to selected organizations.